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Fascinated by complicated tasks

Let's talk about your ideas – regardless of how complicated your problems, how demanding your standards, or how adventurous your ideas might be - Openly, honestly and fairly. As tried and tested problem solvers, we confront any challenge and make sure that your project is in good hands.
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About us

Sometimes we are astounded by what is possible. Time and time again, we surprise ourselves with simple solutions for highly complex problems. By simple we mean functional, efficient and lean. For you this means: fast implementation of reliable, mature and high-performing solutions.

How do we accomplish this? Simple: with field-tested expertise, many years of experience from various image processing projects and a highly motivated team of image processing specialists.

What really makes us unique is our absolute client orientation, enthusiasm and total involvement in your project. We are certain that you will sense this right from the start.

attentra software development

In addition to machine vision as our core business, we also provide our customers with development services for desktop, server, embedded, mobile and web applications. Visit our website at www.attentra-software­entwick­ if you are looking for a partner to develop a custom software solution. It contains comprehensive information for your review.