Versatile uses

Be inspired by the broad range of applications for our machine vision systems for automotive, handling, quality assurance, surface inspection, pattern recognition, shape and dimensional testing, barcode, data matrix and character recognition applications ...
Anwendungen für bildverarbeitende Automati­sierungslösungen


Here are some typical applications and machine vision automation solutions that we can implement using our products and services. Should you not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirement!

Pick & Place handling task

Schaubild  Pick and Place Handlingaufgabe Pick & place is primarily used for workpiece handling in assembly operations, for intelligent palletizing, sorting and positioning. The image processing technologies used include object, orientation, and position recognition, completeness checks, as well as shape and dimensional checks.

Feeding can currently be accomplished with conventional spiral conveyors to sort randomly arranged parts or by an accurate, intelligent solution controlled by image processing technology. The Robot Vision Center can perform the control of the robot, the camera, as well as the feeder system.

Component inspection

Schaubild Bauteilprüfung Component checks are used when recognizing the orientation and position of workpieces is involved, or quality control is required. Depending on the need, this can require the use of one or several camera and lighting systems. The conveyor system depends on the purpose – such as sorting of defects and good parts, the cycle time requirements, component geometry and integration into the production system, and the type of lighting system in use.

Robot guided camera positioning

Schaubild  Roboter-geführte Kamerapositionierung Robot guided camera positioning is required for instance when several positions need to measured or inspected on a complex component. Typical tasks are quality control and completeness checks.