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May 2013

For the first time: attentra at the Hannover Messe 2013

From April 8 to 12, 2013, for the first time we are exhibiting to the world our broad range of services available for the industrial machine vision field at the most important industrial trade shows in the world. 

The focal themes of this year's Hannover trade show under the motto "Integrated Industry" were industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technologies, drive and fluid technology, industrial supply, production technologies and services, as well as research and development.

In keeping with the theme, our joint exhibit in the Robotics, Automation & Vision Application Park with our partner, WMV-Robotics showcased our latest developments in the machine vision and robotics field. Our machine vision system for robot-guided camera positioning illustrated flexible inspections of both highly variable and large components. Based on the quality inspection of an automobile door, it demonstrated how several inspections can be accomplished using one camera. This demonstration inspected the presence/absence of clips, read a data matrix code, and inspected an injection molded part for defects. This in-house system development also permits various measurements for each component. This method also supports the flexible inspection of high-variety components for the automobile industry.

We were very satisfied with our contacts and enjoyed the considerable interest expressed by our visitors in our presentations and our services in the industrial machine vision field.

By the way: The next opportunity to meet us at a trade show is Motek in Stuttgart between October 7 and 10, 2013. Simply call us at +49 (0)7071 54955-12 or send us an e-mail to to schedule an appointment.
April 2012
Schüttgutzuführung mit Anyfeed
Funktionsprinzip Anyfeed Zuführung

Robot Vision Center and Anyfeed

An ideal combination for flexible small part feeding

The Anyfeed feeding solution is a flexible and economic option for feeding various parts as small as 0.5 mm. In contrast to classic conveyor and isolating techniques, such as standard belt conveyors or spiral conveyors, Anyfeed - in combination with space-saving robots and Robot Vision Center software - can create a highly compact and efficient total system for your handling task.
The workpieces are fed manually into the bin, and then fed from the bin to the conveyor surface by means of vibrating motions, and from the conveyor surface to the camera.  The position and orientation of the workpieces are determined by the machine vision system and forwarded to the robot. The robot can now grip the specific parts that are in the correct orientation, and for instance forward these to inspection, positioning, packaging or assembly. When no parts are available to be gripped, the Robot Vision Center Software will  determine which of the following steps to execute next:

  • If enough parts are located on the gripping surface, but are not in a suitable orientation, the conveyor moves the parts with a rotating motion to isolate these.
  • When not enough parts are present, the conveyor moves more parts in the direction of the robot
  • When too many parts are present, the conveyor moves the parts away from the robot

Production interruptions due to jams in the part feeder are therefore a thing of the past.

Parts on the bin and conveyor surface are moved forward or backward with a servo-controlled, eccentric motion. The parts begin to rotate at a certain speed. The emptying cycle allows the parts remaining on the feeder to be cleared before a product changeover. The control is accomplished via a RS232 interface integrated into the Robot Vision Center software.

December 2012

Robot Vision Center: versatile uses

Take advantage of our highly productive machine vision system with robot control in combination with the robot system of your choice – we will take care of the integration for 6-axis robots or Scara.

The Robot Vision Center software already provides standard support for robots made by Universal Robots, Mitsubishi and Epson – and this is regularly updated.

More information about Robot Vision Center software, the machine vision system with robot control
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