Bumper inspection


Flexible robot-based inspection system for various 2D and 3D tests on a large component.


As a plastics specialist, REHAU offers holistic developments and innovative technologies for polymer-based solutions in the fields of construction, automotive manufacturing and industry. The company, founded in Rehau, Upper Franconia, in 1948, employs approximately 17,000 people at more than 170 locations today.

The system

A camera-based system for implementing a wide variety of tests on bumpers was developed for Rehau. Two 2D cameras with different optics allow different image scales. A robot from Universal Robots ensures maximum adaptability in the positioning of the camera. The use of robot-controlled camera positioning allows the number of required cameras to be reduced heavily. And the system remains flexible, even if something changes with regard to the component or the testing positions.

Additionally, the robot was equipped with a 3D sensor based on laser triangulation that allows images to be produced with depth information. As a rule, the component must be moved through under the laser sensor. In our case, however, the sensor is moved by the robot over the component, thus allowing the recording of three-dimensional images on the bumper. This test was especially developed to check the integration of a tube into a polystyrene channel. The tube must be inserted into the channel with the greatest precision and must not protrude above the polystyrene in any place. In the process, the laser sensor enables the precise measurement of the depth of the tube in the polystyrene.

Bumper inspection


  • Extremely flexible test system due to use of the robot
  • Use of a precise laser triangulation 3D sensor for a large, motionless component