System for component isolation

AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

Robot supported machine vision system for isolating and downstream processing of bulk goods.

About AGS

AGS GmbH, located in Bergisch Gladbach, designs and fabricates requirement-specific grippers to customer-specific tool drawings and component data. AGS is our competent partner for projects involving gripper systems.

The system

The system isolates and palletizes suitcase rollers, which are presented as bulk goods for downstream processing. The conveyor transports suitcase rollers from the bin to a level work surface. The machine vision system detects the suitcase rollers on the work surface and sends their position and orientation to a 6-axis robot made by Universal Robots.

Before the robot grabs the suitcase rollers on the pin, the machine vision software verifies the gripper area. When two rollers in the gripping area are too close together, a third, exposed roller is gripped first, since this can otherwise cause a collision and damage the gripper. If this approach cannot successfully address all conflicts, the robot has the ability to separate the rollers with a slight tap.

The gripper has the ability to tilt slightly to grip the rollers, since the pin of the rollers is aligned at an angle to the work surface.


  • Pick & place solution for isolating bulk goods
  • Use and integration of an enclosure-free 6-axis robot made by Universal Robots
  • Monitoring of the gripper area to grip parts for the purpose of avoiding collisions and additional part isolation directly by the robot when needed
Component isolation with Pick & Place Component isolation with Pick & Place