Workpiece positioning

Saxonia-Franke GmbH & Co. KG

System to verify the positioning of individual components on a workpiece carrier. The individual components are subsequently welded together into workpieces.

About Saxonia-Franke

Saxonia-Franke AG with headquarters in Aadorf, Switzerland, is an expert for fasteners and attachment components for the automobile, electrical and construction industries. Saxonia-Franke develops complete solutions from a single source, ranging from the development of complicated precision stampings/bendings and plastic injection moldings to the production of sub-assemblies.

The system

The machine vision system for the workpiece positioning task is used at a manual workstation in conjunction with a laser welding unit made by Trumpf. Precise positioning is essential so that the individual components of the various workpieces are welded together correctly. The worker secures the individual components using pins. After the worker actuates the welding function, the machine vision system verifies the correct position of the pins, which secure the components. If the positioning is correct, the final release is issued to the laser welding unit, but if the positioning is incorrect, the worker is given a signal to correct this.

An important requirement by Saxonia Franke was that the system needs to process various workpieces without having to reconfigure the machine vision system. We therefore developed a concept together with Saxonia Franke to perform position recognition on a wide range of components. By applying a marker on the retaining pins, the system can be used on a range of components without having to adjust the machine vision software.

A new workpiece is teached simply by recording an image of the new workpiece in the correctly secured position. Positions that now need to be verified in upcoming inspections can be simply marked in the image and assigned with tolerances.

Workpiece positioning


  • Accurate position recognition of retainer pins to ensure correct positioning of individual components for a workpiece
  • Highly flexible system without changeover due to the ability to easily learn new workpieces
  • Direct integration of the laser welding unit made by Trumpf
  • Results logging