Robot Vision Center software

The customized recognition system with robot control for various handling tasks

The Robot Vision Center software easily accomplishes the identification and handling of complex objects. The ability of image processing to accurately recognize objects and the flexibility of industrial robots (e.g. 6-axis-jointed arm or Scara) form an ideal unit. In combination with a robot, such as the UR5/UR10 from Universal Robots, you can accomplish even intricate tasks with ease and precision.

These can be vision-based robot navigations for pick & place automation or robot-guided camera positioning for 100% quality control - we can supply our customers with the solution that best matches their specific requirements.

Typical applications
  • Object, orientation and position recognition
  • Workpiece handling for assembly
  • Intelligent palletizing
  • Isolating, sorting and fitting
  • Completeness checks
  • Shape and dimensional checks
  • Quality control

Always a match

Robot Vision Center Software and UR5 The Robot Vision Center is ideally matched to commonly available robots, such as the enclosure-free, and therefore freely accessible UR5/UR10.

A multitude of available gripper systems and the ability to integrate nearly all distributed control systems ensure easy adaptation and universal uses.

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