Robots for automation and machine vision


Using the Robot Vision Center recognition system in combination with a commercially available production robot, from Universal Robots, Epson or Mitsubishi, enables the implementation of countless handling tasks.

In order to optimize your cycle times, we focus in on each process step – ranging from customer-specific robot programming to commissioning the complete installation.

The UR5/UR10 lightweight robots

Lightweight robots by Universal Robots

In addition to low procurement and installation costs, the UR5/UR10, a proven design made by Universal Robots in Denmark, has a particularly useful feature. It can be operated without a safety enclosure due to its TÜV certification, a conformity declaration for the new machinery directive, and permanent force monitoring on the joints. This reduces space requirements, provides a better overview and permits unrestricted access to the system.

Lightweight robot iiwa from Kuka

Lightweight robot iiwa from Kuka

Like the UR3/UR5/UR10, the LBR iiwa from Kuka can be used in the work environment together with humans without a safety enclosure. The collaborative and sensitive LBR iiwa is available in two versions with payloads of 7 and 14 kg. Both versions of the 7-axis robot feature fast learning and simple operation.

Epson Robots

Epson Robots

Epson sells SCARA robots with reach from 175 mm to 1,000 mm and load bearing capacity up to 20 kg. Configurations with different assembly types, various protection classes and cleanroom versions permit a broad range of applications.

The Epson product line is rounded out by space-saving 6-axis robots for complete handling tasks.

Robots from Stäubli

Robots from the company Stäubli

Stäubli offers four-axis and six-axis robots with payloads up to 190 kg. The program includes robots for almost every application. In addition to solutions for different payloads and ranges, the Swiss manufacturer also offers highly specialized robots for clean room or wet room applications, among others, as well as for high-speed processes.


DOBOT M1 Robot

The DOBOT M1 is a cost-effective Scara 4-axis industrial robot. Due to the low amortization times and its slim design, the DOBOT M1 opens up new application possibilities and is thus virtually predestined for small and medium-sized businesses. The payload of the robot arm is 1.5kg, its effective range 400 mm and it reaches a speed of up to 2000 mm/s.

You can obtain the robot from our partner, Variobotic GmbH

Mitsubishi Robots

Mitsubishi Robots

The production robots from Mitsubishi, including SCARA and articulated arm robots are primarily characterized by their compact design and extreme speed – with pick & place cycles starting at 0.28 seconds. This qualifies them as outstanding components for high-performance pick & place tasks