Robot programming by Attentra

Robot programming

Attentra – your expert for programming light-duty robots

Regardless of whether the complexity of your task requires the expertise of experienced specialists or whether you want to keep your employees available for their core tasks: we are the right partner when robot programming is involved. Take advantage of our many years of experience programming robots from Universal Robots and our capability as software developers.

Using the UR5/UR10 light-duty robot is recommended whenever repetitive steps are required, or frequently changing tasks are involved, which calls for a high degree of flexibility of the deployed system. We will advise and jointly develop custom solutions with you according to your specific system application requests and we will develop the software required to operate the robot task.

We will get the utmost out of your robots to implement your projects or individual tasks, and will therefore help to reduce your production costs while also increasing quality.

Everything under control

We can provide customized training for those who intend to provide the required know-how in-house by their own engineers. These programs range from user training to training on advanced programming techniques.

Complete control

We develop customized user interfaces for your robot application so that you have full control of all robot inputs. The robot software contains safeguards against unauthorized or unwanted access and manipulation. And, as an aside, these simplify operation for your employees and therefore increase workflow efficiency.

Overview of our services
  • Consulting, production support, and optimization until the required cycle time and quality have been reached
  • Linux-based robot programming for UR5/UR10 made by Universal Robots
  • Java-based robot programming for the lightweight robot iiwa from Kuka
  • Modbus support for integrating devices via I/O (input/output)
  • Training in the application written by us in the URScript programming language and the Polyscope graphical user interface
  • Creation of customer-specific user interfaces using QT/C++