Custom solutions for machine vision
Custom solutions
Tailored machine vision

Optimum solutions according to your needs and requirements directly from our machine vision lab.

Custom solutions

The Attentra "complete peace of mind package"

We develop custom solutions in the machine vision field on the basis of our (Robot) Vision Center software. We accompany our customers from the preliminary review and analysis to commissioning and training. In order to ensure the best possible functionality, we carry out the application and component-specific system development. This ranges from the selection and positioning of the ideal light source and the best suited camera, the configuration of the PC and programming the software, and ultimately to the integration of the control and the distributed system.

Our highly rated "complete peace of mind package" gives you the full machine vision system from a single source, without you having to contribute knowledge of any kind from the image processing field. The basis for our flexible machine vision systems is formed by flexible, highly efficient image processing and classification methods for geometric object locating, seamless integration of image processing and motion control, and highly accurate robot/camera calibration. Cameras locate objects, the machine vision software recognizes the orientation of the objects, structures or dimensions and forwards the corresponding signals to the actuator control – this even works for complex tasks and difficult lighting conditions.

When required, we will develop custom software solutions that are precisely coordinated to your needs. We support a broad range of interfaces (such as Ethernet and RS232) and programmable robots from Universal Robots and Epson.

  • Fast and accurate object recognition
  • High-performance algorithms for inspecting components
  • Robot/camera calibration
  • Software for robots and machine vision
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)