Robot-controlled camera positioning and inspection by Attentra

Robot-controlled camera positioning and inspection

To satisfy the requirements of modern strategies, quality control methods which are already integrated in the production line are playing an increasingly important role. To ensure that the flexible quality control of your sophisticated components also succeeds in the production cycle, we develop systems for you for robot-controlled camera positioning and inspection.

The data of the component to be tested – such as component version or assembly – is send from the production interface to the image processing system. Subsequently the adjusted testing sequence is triggered. This means it is possible to ensure that it is the correct component version. The testing sequence can include a wide range of different inspections. Examples include the inspection of the installation and/or correct location of mounting parts, their positioning, and much more ...

  • Vehicle component groups
  • Components in commercial and rail vehicles
  • Modules in aircraft fabrication

Areas of use
  • Flexible inline testing of varied and large components
  • Frequent type changes